One Small Action Can Be The Catalyst for Big Change

Welcome back, Lightworkers!

Today I want to talk to you about taking action when you feel Divinely guided or you get that gentle intuitive nudge that tells you that you one small action could make all the difference in creating the change or healing you’ve been praying and waiting for.

Recently, I’ve been feeling the loving guidance of my higherself suggesting I up my self care game.  As an energy healer, I know how important it is to take good care of yourself to keep your energy high vibe so that you can take better care of your clients and hold healing space for them.

Basically, I wasn’t taking very good care of myself and was feeling drained, and I knew better. And, several areas of my life were suffering as a result. My relationships, business, my family life, my home were all being neglected because I was feeling low vibe and low energy every day as a result of neglecting myself!

But I also know that….

Taking one right action, as you feel guided, can be the catalyst for major change! <Tweet that!

And I know that often…

When you work to improve and heal one area of your life, all the other areas also heal. <tweet that!

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Now, check out this week’s video and join me in the comments below to share with us your experience. Let me know what intuitive nudges you’ve been feeling! I’d love to support you and I’ll be sure to comment back! Let’s chat!