Living Your Purpose

Hi Lightworker! I’m back with another #lifeinthelight weekly vlog for you!

This week I want to talk to you about stepping into your purpose. And what it means to feel the call the serve in a bigger way.

When you feel that internal tug, that pull towards something greater, the call to step into service and share your gifts and passions to help someone else, it’s real and it needs to be honored.

Those desires were placed within you on purpose. It is your intended missions to share your unique gifts, talents, and abilities with the world to help heal, inspire, and uplift.

As you do your work you raise the collective vibration of the planet and we heal the world one life at a time. This is why your work is needed. There are many more people in need of help than there are lightworkers living their purpose. So stop hesitating!

Answer that call! Follow that pull! and step into your greater life purpose.

I want to support you and help you do this.

It is my mission to rally the lightworkers and help you step into your purpose and star spreading your light. So if you feel called to something greater and you need some help figuring out what, or turning your passion and purpose into a meaningful and financially fulfilling career, I am here to help.

You can sign up for a free mini coaching session with me and I will help you get clarity on what to do next or how to get started. Details about my coaching program and my calendar where you can schedule you free mini session is here: coaching with Katie

already know you want to join my lightworker life and business coaching program? email me at [email protected] and let me know you’re ready to get started!

One more thing! My amazing friend Amanda Frances is a wonderful coach for coaches who is opening up here “Become a Life Coach” e-course and training program. If you feel like being a life coach is the work you are called to do, or your curious if it might be the right path for you click here for details about her program and what it’s like to be a life coach.

That’s all for now lightworkers.