Get into the Vortex + 5 Steps to Manifest Anything

O. M. G ! I had the best weekend EVER!

It all started with the most amazing workshop I’ve ever been to! “The Art of Deliberate Creating” with Abraham brought through by Esther Hicks. If you don’t know who they are, let me fill you in. They are the secret behind “The Secret” (the world wide phenomenon movie about manifesting). And, just being in Abraham’s presence was like having a direct conversation with Source Energy.

Three days later and I’m still buzzing from the experience. I definitely got, as they say, “tuned in, tapped in, turned on”. And it feels soooo good!

Plus on the way home we stopped at my husband’s and mine favorite Chicago deep dish pizza joint and as always it was #epic.

But back to Abraham….

One of the last things they said as the workshop was ending was that because we were tuned in and high vibe that we would realize some of what we had been calling forth manifest over the next few days and weeks faster and easier than it had been before.

And they were right!

I went to sleep feeling so high vibe and connected to source (God, the Universe, however you chose to name it – that’s it!). And when I woke up this happened….

So, as of late I haven’t had a great morning ritual when I wake up and I’ve been mustering up the energy to get out of bed by checking my Facebook. This is a MAJOR “NO!” LOL do NOT start your day this way. Naughty! Bad Katie! haha But, whatever, I did. And, as I was scrolling I saw something interesting….

I randomly stumble on an article that looks like something I would want to read and seems somewhat familiar…

“5 Steps to Manifesting Anything”

“Wow” I think, “that sounds cool. I’m a student and teacher on law of attraction, let me check this out.”

As I’m reading I notice that the words sound eerily similar, identical even to an article I submitted to MindBodyGreen a few weeks ago that I never heard back about and assumed had been trashed.

My gears start turning… “wait? Who’s the author on this? Is this my article?…… HOLY SHIFT! This IS my article! I wrote this! MindbodyGreen published my article!”…. Instant tears!

But wait… it gets better!

Not only did they publish my article but as I’m typing this it’s been shared over 900 times on their website and almost 300 on their Facebook page. My mind is blown. I’ve been waiting for this and wanting it for so long and now its here.  To clarify, what I’ve been wanting and waiting for is A) being published B) people actually reading and liking and sharing my processes and tips and tools. Not only that but it was also the headline in their daily email/featured article and it was one of their 4 featured articles on their homepage. “The like me! They really like me!” 😉

This is a major win for me. Time to celebrate!

So we had an epic day with the family, then I popped a teenie tiny bottle of champagne just for me. And, let myself celebrate an awesome day /life /article /biz and life win.

You know else? They captioned their Facebook post for the article “Consider this your crash course for #winning at life”. LOL This day I definitely felt like I was #winning at life. I feel on top of the world. And, I know that my working those 5 Steps, and getting as Abraham says “into the Vortex” is what brought this experience to me.

So if you haven’t read the article yet or worked those 5 steps – here is the link to read it but more importantly, to practice it!

Check it out then leave me a comment below THIS POST and let me know what you think!

If you want to take your manifesting game even further be sure to check out my e-course “How to Manifest Anything” here.

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Watch now: “Get into the Vortex with Abraham + 5 Steps to Manifest Anything!”

then leave me a comment and tell me what you do to “float your cork” / “get into the vortex”. Enjoy!