Life Coaching

Learn spiritual tools and practical advice for healing and changing your life so that you can change the world.

Your energy is responsible for shifting the energy of the entire planet. That’s why my passion is to heal the world one life at a time, starting with yours.

My goal is to give you tools and practice to live in joy, love, abundance, and wellbeing on all levels, so that you experience profound changes in your life and you can then send that good energy out into the world .  This is for you, and for all of us. Your family needs you to be the best version of you possible, your friends want to see you happy. Your clients are waiting for you to find and fulfill your purpose. The world needs you.

And, it’s time for you to finally feel good, live from the top of your joy, claim your gifts, and live life in the light!

This is my hope, prayer, and intention for you… that you will have the tools  and knowledge to….

Honor Yourself :

Learn tool and practices for daily self care so that you can have more energy and vitality.

Love Yourself:

Embrace your authentic self, learn to love yourself again, and cultivate self confidence. So that you can go all in!

Overcome Fear and Self Doubt:

Kick your fears to the curb, bust through your blocks, and get the tools and support you need to overcome the ego, erase self-doubt

Awaken Your Power:

You are a powerful co-creator and it’s time to reclaim that power and manifest the life you dream of with purpose, grace, & ease.

Discover Your Gifts:

Learn tools to tap into your intuition and unique spiritual gifts so that you can receive accurate Divine guidance.

Answer the Call:

Discover and fulfill your life’s purpose so that you can help change the world.

Embrace Joy:

Learn how to allow yourself to receive love, call in joy, and live as the best version of yourself possible every single day.

Everyone’s journey is different. Where we start and end depends on where you are right now and what you need and want most. Maybe you’re working on healing your relationships. Or perhaps you’re desperate to figure out what your purpose is and finally create that spiritual business. Or you might be starting on a new spiritual path and looking to have a deeper understanding of how to use spiritual tools to heal your life.

That’s why, on our first call together we set a goal or intention for what you most want to heal or accomplish during our time together.  Need a little bit of everything?  Don’t worry! We will discuss together what the details of your program will entail and you will definitely receive everything you need most, and some elements of everything mentioned above.

You can schedule a free 30 minute call with me to discuss the program and find out if it’s right for you but first here are some details you need to know.

This is a three month long one-on-one intensive.

We will meet for 12 once weekly 60 minute calls over three months (via phone, or Skype)

You will also have unlimited email support during this time. (please allow 24-48 hours for a reply from me)

 Throughout our calls you will receive personalized meditations, affirmations, and more! After each call notes will be sent to you with your guidance, an action step to take for the week, plus your affirmation (or mantra or meditation).

I’ll also be checking in with you between calls via email to see how you’re doing.

And since I only take a small number of clients at a time, we will have more time together to get laser focused in on what is blocking you and get crystal clarity on what you need to do to accomplish your goals.

PLUS each week we’ll be checking in with your angels and guides for guidance in addition to my coaching and support.  We’ll also do some energy healing. It’s like getting a free angel messages reading and reiki session on each call PLUS coaching to go with it!

RECAP: Here’s what you get!

  • 12 weekly hour long private coaching calls

  • spiritual mentorship + life coaching (and some angel messages & energy healing)

  • between call check ins

  • unlimited email support

  • personalized affirmations, meditations, mantras, and action steps and accountability  to help you reach your goals faster

Are you a new client?

All new clients also receive access to my online courses 100% FREE (Value $250!) :

 “How to Manifest Anything: Creating the Life of your Dreams with Grace & Ease”

Schedule your free “Heart to Heart” discovery call below and we’ll discuss the program and make sure it’s a good fit for us both!

Before you do though, here are some FAQ:

What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is a transformational practice that involves getting guidance from a coach or leader who has successfully accomplished what you are trying to manifest for yourself. In this case, you, the client, want to bust through your blocks and finally live your dreams, and I, the coach, have found a way to apply practical tools and spiritual principles to my life to release my fears and live my dreams. So, In our coaching sessions, I share those tools, teach you to use them effectively, and show you how you too can live the life you’ve always imagined.

Why I am the coach for you:

Because I believe in you. I see your light. I know that you are inherently good and worthy of  so much good. I know that there are tools that can help you. I don’t teach you anything I don’t know or practice every single day. The processes and practices I teach have shown profound results in my own life. and come from my years of studying and teaching ancient healing practices such as yoga, meditation, Reiki and more. You can read my full bio here and I definitely suggest watching a few of my vlogs to get a feel for what I’m all about. But, that’s also why we get on the phone with each other for 30 minutes before either of us agree to work together, so that we can make sure that we both will get the most out of this partnership. Which is exactly how I see it. Yes, I’m teaching and coaching you, and helping you to heal and grow, but I learn so much from each of my clients as well. And, because I only work with people I know  are a good match for the program and what I have to offer, my energy stays high, which means I have more to offer you and it means I can serve you even better. You will always get all I have to give, only the best of me. I keep it real, and you will definitely see results if you use the tools I give you.

When Does The Program Start? Session Times and Dates:

As soon as you complete your FREE “Heart to Heart” we can work out a start date

Each session is 1 hour long (60 minutes) and we meet for a total of 12 consecutive weeks (12 calls)

What if I miss a call or have to reschedule?

Since missed calls are non refundable, You will be allowed to reschedule your call within the week as long as you give a 24 hour notice.   If rescheduling does not work within the week we can discuss a solution that works well for both of us. All 12 calls MUST be completed within the 12 weeks. I understand that sometimes circumstances occur that cause a call to be missed on short notice, but if you feel as though it would be hard for you to commit to the schedule, this may not be the right program for you. This program only works if you show up not just for the calls, but for yourself.

What is the Cost?

The total cost of the program when paid in full is $1200 with payment options available  including: $425/month for 3 months.

The program is non refundable. Once you’re committed there’s no backing out. That’s why we make sure this is a good fit on the “heart to heart” call first, where we discuss all details about the program and set expectations for results and accountability etc.

When you make the investment to work with a coach and joining a program like this you make a bigger commitment to using the tools, getting results, and actually seeing a change.  You are investing in yourself. And you are soooo worth it!

Is This Program For Me?

This program is for you if:

  • You’re ready to finally live as the best version of yourself possible, aka you’re “sick and tired of being sick and tired.” and you know there is something better available for you.

  • You have big dreams but you feel blocked

  • You have limiting beliefs that are holding you back, such as “some people are successful but I just can’t seem to make it happen for me.” “True love does exist but I can’t find it.” “I just don’t have the time, money, energy , resources to make my dreams a reality.” ” I am too busy taking care of everyone else to take care of myself and follow my passions.”

  • You know you’re meant for something more but you don’t know what your life purpose is

  • You have an idea of what your purpose is but you haven’t fully embraced it

  • You love using tools like affirmations, meditation, visualizations, and prayer

  • You believe there is a higher power guiding and watching over you and you want help tapping into your inner knowing

This program may not  be for you if:

  •  You don’t vibe with the idea of affirmations, manifestation, or similar spiritual principles

  • You don’t believe in a higher power watching over and guiding you

  • You will rely on me 100% and not hold yourself accountable. This program works, if you work it. When the phone call ends is when your real work begins. I help prepare you for flight but it’s up to you to take the leap and soar.

  • You are unwilling to use the tools you’re given – aka you’re not “teachable”.


If  you’re ready to learn the tools, work the processes and practices, and create big change in your life so you can change the world…

If you feel comfortable with the financial and time commitment and you’re ready to do the work

If you’re ready to finally live as the best version of yourself possible….

let’s discuss the details and get you enrolled! I can’t wait to work with you!