Know the Right Facial for Skin Type

Getting a facial is really good. But, you need to know the skin type you have to get the most out of it. Procedures you take in to clean your body should be notified of your skin type too. The face is very sensitive to the touch. Any beauty product can set it off in the wrong way if it is not designed to fit it. All the beauty products you buy for face and body should fit your skin type for now on. If you don’t know your skin type, I suggest you ask your parents or big siblings. This is something they might know about. Other ways to found out would be to different skin type products and see what works on skin the best. It will take you longer to discover your skin type this way but the performance of future skincare will be increased by a ton. There is more you need to know about facials and skin types. Read about it below.

best facial kit for dry skin

Facial Procedure General Starts

There are usually 4 steps involved when you go to skincare office that offers facials. The first step is to go through a cleansing. Face is stripped of all its make up and dirt at this stage. Never get a facial when you want to go out the same day. Next, the skincare professional scrubs your face with a nice sponge or soft object to smoothen your skin further. You will enjoy this greatly and want to take a little nap. Face will get a massage like it never had before. Third step, you get a massage. Getting a body massage or facial massage depends on the skincare office you went to. If you want a body massage with facial, I suggest you ask if it comes with facial plan to avoid unexpected fees. 4th and last step, a facial clean mask is added to your face that is left on for 10 to 30 minutes. The mask extracts all bad bacteria, acne, infestations, dirt, dry skin, and adds balance water level to face.

People With Dry Skin Should Take in Dry Facial Procedures

Make sure you go into that skincare office and ask for a dry procedure if you got dry skin. Make sure they are using the best facial kit for dry skin and not something else. The last thing you need is a trip to the hospital or a bad burning face. If your not sure if you have dry skin, run some dry skin tests to found out. Look online for more information on how to do so. Dry skin facials need to be used with mild cleansers. Do not let the skincare technician use extreme cleansers on face. The extreme clean can make your face dryer and cause you to have more cracks. Doesn’t make sense but its true. You should only need medium cleaning effects. Tell your skincare technician to scrub lightly too. Too much hard scrubbing can make your face very badly reactive. Hydrating gels, intense moisturizing creams and serums should be used with dry skin facials as well. Do not let them use skincare products not specifically created for dry skin people. Make sure to tell this before you start letting them work their magic on your dry skin face. In conclusion, only let the best facial kit for dry skin touch your face for facial procedure if you got dry skin.

Facial facial for Pigmented Skin Should Be Different

If you have pigmented skin, you should walk into the skincare office with a completely different set up from dry skin people. Dry skin procedure is only for dry skin people. Pigmented people need to tell the skincare technician to use creams, ointments, cleansers, and shampoos designed for pigmented skin people. These items have minerals and vitamins the pigmented skin people can absorb into their skin to make their skin look smooth, healthy, glow, hydrated, acne free, and feel stronger the next day. Products have currently available for pigmented skin people to use. Do not let the technician tell you there are none available. Call the technician in advance and make sure they got it.