It’s Not a Block, Just a Change in Direction.

Hey crew,

I’ve been “trying” to make a new vlog for you guys for like… ever.

Ok, so for about a month. A MONTH! That’s way too long to feel off balance, off purpose, interrupted , and confused. But I did.

I’ve been wanting to make the most epic, soul stirring, vlog ever but I can’t! Something always shows up to stop me, either I just “don’t feel like it’ , I’m too tired, the kids need me, the lighting isn’t perfect , or some other crap excuses come up. So, I started to blame myself and feel bad and ultimately decided, no more excuses, it’s time to get busy.

And then, when I finally knuckled down to get to work, something else happened.

God threw up a road block! The Universe said, “not this way”.

This particular road block was one of many and today came in the form of me getting full on hair and makeup done and sneaking quietly away to vlog/Periscope with you during Alex’s naptime. But, as soon as I switched on the camera, I heard a tiny little baby fist knocking on my door. He woke up! Which means, it’s like 98% possible that absolutely  nothing will get done now #momlife lol!

On top of that, The screen on my phone is shattered so I can barely use it, and even when I tried to record video or Periscope with you anyways, no one can hear me! For some reason the sound won’t work on video features. So, naturally I grab another device to jump on the livestream and what happens, it won’t load. And, trust me, I tried several times over the course of a couple weeks to get this to work one way or another but every single time, something happens as if to say, “this isn’t what you’re supposed to be doing right now.”

So of course, I started to feel this desperateness to reach out to you. To share with you everything that I’ve been doing, to help you in any way that I can. How can I help you if I can’t even talk to you?

Then, I realized, I can! I could write to you.

Honestly, I’ve never even considered writing out my blog posts. I just like to be on video and have that instant interaction on live stream and social media.

But, it’s as if the Universe is saying, at least for now, that this is what I’m supposed to be doing.

I have a daily prayer that is some form of “How can I be of service today? Who needs me? What can I help with? What do you need me to do today, God.” And, for the last few weeks the answer has been “not this”. Which, as you can imagine, is confusing as heck!

Confusing because, I have some new amazing, completely Divinely inspired things to share with you that I am beyond excited about, and I’m getting all of these blocks that are keeping me from getting it out to you…except this…except writing.

Message received! Thank you, God and my angels for not giving up on me and continuing to send Divine guidance that I can easily understand (finally lol!)

Takeaway : It’ not a block, just a change in direction!


So, you’ll be seeing me sharing and teaching more frequently via written bog. I have somethings that I can not wait to share with you! But, I will for now, at least until I get some feedback from you about how I can best serve. So I have a quick question for you, and I’m praying that you’ll leave an honest answer in the comments for me! Here goes…

What is your main focus for this year, if you were to choose just one?

A) finding your life purpose and living it

B) releasing the fears that hold you back from living your dream

C) developing and trusting your intuition

D) practicing better self care / self love

E) learning how to manifest your dreams

And, how would you prefer to receive my help in your chosen area?

  1. one on one coaching
  2. self study e-courses
  3. group coaching/study program
  4. pdf e guide
  5. ebook (full length 12ish chapters)

Your answers help me to know how I should focus my energy to be of the best and highest good for your personal and spiritual growth. I want to do everything, all day every day, to help you, but ultimately there is still only one of me, so I do need to narrow it down to what do YOU most WANT and NEED.

So , I sincerely, deeply, appreciate your honest answers! Type them in the comments below! (example B,3 or A,5) and feel free to add anything you need/want/love/want more of that I haven’t listed here! I am here to serve! <3

And, remember, I’m always here for you! Feel free to reach out to me with anything you need <3 The best place to do this right now anyways is in my Facebook group, which is free to join and full of amazing lightworkers, like yourself! See you there!