Is It Ok to Lay Out in the Sun While Pregnant?

Pregnancy is the important period for every woman and they need to be more concerned on doing each and every activity. During pregnancy many people use to advice constantly that may add stress and makes to be very conscious. At that time you may feel to relax by taking sunbath but a doubt will arise in your mind as during pregnancy can get the exposure of sun or not. Actually, pregnancy and sunlight were interlinked whereas the known fact is that sunlight is good for health as it is a good source of Vitamin D and can obtain the required amount from it and sun exposure is essential when pregnant.

Getting sunlight is highly useful during pregnancy as it support well for the bone creation of the fetus also it ensure that you can get strong immunity for you and baby as well. Staying under sun in the time of pregnancy is needed yet it has to be in a limited time. While pregnant there is increase in hormone levels also skin will be more sensitive so should avoid longer exposure to stay safe and avoid the risks.

Is It Ok to Lay Out in the Sun While Pregnant?

Stay safe under sun during pregnancy by using Sunscreen

Being a pregnant woman, you want to stay safe in the exposure of sun as not to be affected by the harmful UV rays then it is best make use of the sunscreen. The sunscreen will helps to get rid of sunburns and also it protects from other skin damages as well. It is necessary to make use of best pregnancy sunscreen while pregnant to be on safer side. There are two types of sunscreen are physical blockers and chemical blockers.

Physical blockers were made with the mixture of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide as they both work together and provide great support for the harmful UV rays to reflect back so they are safe to use. Whereas chemical blockers were not suitable to use in the time of pregnancy because it consists of the ingredients which can absorb UV rays. Commonly, in the chemical blockers the ingredient oxybenzone were used and this chemical can perforate through the skin and can cause hormonal disturbances, allergies and may leads to low birth weight. Due to these adverse effects of chemical blockers they were not recommended to use while pregnant.

Sit in the sun safer when pregnant with required precautions

You can relax well by taking sunbath but when you are pregnant have to be cautious while doing this as there are several precautions need to be taken for your and baby’s safety. When going to take sunbath during pregnancy prefer to wear the clothes and accessories which are comfortable. It is better to wear light color clothes and those are free to wear will be beneficial. It is good to wear the colors such as yellow, sky blue and white as they have reflective nature. Be benefited through using pair of sunglasses and take umbrella will be best. It is necessary to keep the body hydrated when pregnant so carry the required liquids while staying under the sun.

Should not stay more than twenty minutes in sun exposure without sunscreen and by applying sunscreen can be there a little while but not too long. The best time to get the sun exposure is at noon and the studies have made on this were shown that during this time can get more Vitamin D and the risk of getting malignant melanoma will be very less. Stay out of harmful UV rays emitted from the sun by using sunscreen through minimizing the sun subjections so that your pregnancy won’t be affected. It is better to consult with the doctor regarding this and they will provide some suggestions which will be highly helpful.

Tips for choosing the sunscreen to utilize during pregnancy

It is necessary to take extra precautions when pregnant and especially while under the sun exposure whereas it doesn’t mean that should not go outdoors. Have to get the sunlight during pregnancy but it is good to go by applying the sunscreen which is best to use on pregnancy. You may not know how to choose the sunscreen to make use of while pregnant but it made easier by considering several things. Prefer the broad-spectrum sunscreens as they help to protect from both UVA and UVB rays.

The sunscreens which are not marked as broad-spectrum only offers protection form one spectrum of UV light. Then while choosing the sunscreen check the list of ingredients and if you found it contains the ingredient oxybenzone means avoid that product. Select the sunscreen that have minimum of SPF 30 as they provide best protection from the sun. The sunscreen with higher numbers of SPF can offer more protection. It is good to pick physical or mineral sunscreens as they create the barrier among your skin and the sun which will helpful to reflect the sun rays and won’t absorb them into skin. These sunscreens were hypoallergenic and they are good for pregnant women with sensitive skin.

Best sunscreen for pregnant women to use

ThinkBaby Safe Sunscreen

It is great to use while pregnant as it is a best mineral sunscreen which protects you as it creates a physical barrier between your skin and sun. Also it doesn’t have any harmful chemicals and it is assured as this product has high rating by EWG. It is safe to use on sensitive skin and they offer broad-spectrum UV protection also contains maximum SPF and water resistance too.

Sun Bum Continuous Spray Sunscreen

It is easy to apply and it was effective on preventing sunburns. Besides, It provides broad-spectrum protection at the level of SPF 50 and they won’t cause any allergies. It is made from vegan ingredient and no presence of harmful chemicals so they are safe to use. It is water-resistant also it contains Vitamin E which will be helpful in moisturizing the skin.

SuperGoop! Skin Soothing Mineral Sunscreen

It provides broad-spectrum protection at SPF 40 to prevent from harmful UV rays, it helps to down the inflammation and redness as at the time of pregnancy it will be increased. It is known as best pregnancy sunscreen for sensitive skin as they are hypoallergenic. Also it is highly supportive to combat against premature aging.