How to Use Epilator without Pain?

Everyone knows that epilators hurt! There are many devices that can pluck the hair roots off like tweezers, but in reality, it hurts! How to use epilator without pain?

How to Use Epilator without Pain?

So why is there this article? Does it help you?

The content of this article will be to share pain removal tips while using an epilator. I hope that you will not have to go the pain again when plucking hair. I promise that you will find useful information in this long article of mine.


If you still want to rebuff on the epilator, then feel free! Because to have smooth skin, you have to pay a certain price! For many people, they find that the pain they suffer is greater than the result they get from that pain, so there’s nothing wrong with returning to the painless hair removal method.

If you are still not sure what to do, read each of the following steps, which will help you make a decision on whether you should use an epilator or not.

Quick tips for pain relief when using an epilator

Nothing to deceive each other!

Epilation is very painful, I know it, because I also pluck the hair, ever since I switched from shaving to epilation. The transition from hair removal by shaving without pain to hair removal by plucking is extremely difficult!

This is completely different from waxing. I’ll dive into the details for each tip below, let’s take a look at each step first:

How to Use Epilator without Pain?

My first time like this!

The pain of each hair removal is really terrible for women, especially for those who are doing shaving just like me.

I’ve been through that awful thing and even for years, but I’m still horrible when I first think about plucking my hair. If it weren’t for the TV show that caught my attention, I’d have given up the first time I plucked my hair. But thanks, I didn’t!

So how can I overcome it?

What could have made me overcome the pain of that first time, besides being dominated by watching the fascinating show on TV. The thought of having a smooth that lasts at least two weeks has encouraged me to pluck the hair, and with this, I was able to overcome the pain of the first time.

So I suggest you should go to a beauty salon to get a wax once, but only once. Then let the hair grow for another two weeks, then use the epilator to pluck out these hairs. At this time, the hairs will not be as harder as before, so you will be less sore. You can pull it back after a week and a half later.

I recommend plucking your hair every two weeks or even once a month. Note that if you leave it after one month, it will definitely grow more, so it will definitely hurt!

Tips for reducing pain when plucking

One thing that I have to say is that I do not recommend using a cooling glove before plucking to numb the area. If you do this, the pores will get tighten, and many hair will break from the surface rather than at the root.

You can use a cooling glove after plucking. And don’t forget to use a moisturizer after every hair removal session.

Tip 1: Take a shower through before plucking

Bathe your pores so they can open before you pluck, but avoid this in case you have an epilator that can’t be used in water. If you have an epilator that can be used in water, you can take a shower before plucking. It makes hair removal convenient.

Many people often worry that it will cost you water, but to be honest, only very little water will get used when you remove unwanted hair. Using an epilator in the shower will not take so much water that your water bill will skyrocket. If I am wrong, please leave a comment below, I would be happy to hear and check again.

Tip 2: Rub the skin

Rubbing the skin is the step right before plucking. If you rub the skin properly, the cells will peel off, helping to minimize ingrown hairs. You should continue to rub your skin daily if you want to avoid any ingrown hair. You can also use an exfoliating glove or a brush or simply put kosher salt into a shower gel, which will work as a brush. If you want to find a good glove, try Earth Therapeutics Hydro Exfoliating Gloves.

The rubbing step has a second role:

It makes the skin less slippery, as the oil will smooth the hair, resulting in less hair being left out.

Tip 3: Stretch the skin when pulling

Now, when you are ready to pluck, keep your skin tight, this will help ease the pain! Hold one epilator in one hand and keep your skin tight. For the underarms, simply put the arm back behind the head and stretch as much as possible.

Tip 4: Try using a quality epilator

The best solution for you if your pain threshold is too low is to use the Wet & Dry epilator. That means you will use the underwater epilator. The pores will open, the hair will easily be rooted out!

For some women, the downside is that their hair is so soft that it breaks at the surface instead of being rooted out.

Try to work through the pain first, and then, at some point, you’ll get used to hair removal, and it won’t be a problem.

Another tip for alleviating pain when plucking is to choose an epilator with a large number of tweezers.

Why so? Yes, because many tweezers reduce the number of times the epilator passes through the skin, this will also reduce the risk of skin irritation. With fewer skin passes, the time it takes for your hair to pluck gets reduced. That’s why I recommend that you should buy an epilator with a higher number of tweezers, but of course in your budget! At the moment, the number of tweezers in the epilator is 72 tweezers.

There will come a time when the pain will be like a slight pinch!

There is no method for plucking that will not hurt you! Only at some point, when you get used to the “sore,” your skin adapts to the plucking, and the hair will then be thinner, and you won’t feel pain anymore.

The last one

If you can’t afford an expensive epilator with built-in massage support and specialized heads for each skin area, then buy a machine with an effective cap.  It will help create a sense of comfort and a little less pain!

Do not be afraid of the epilator!

It is not a scary device; it is not designed to hurt women! Its purpose is to give you smooth, clean skin for at least two weeks, and this is what you need to remember during the epilation process!