How I Got My GLOW + How to Find YOURS

I have simple formula for finding your glow, it’s also how I found mine.

Actually, if you’ve been with me for very long you know this has also been referred to as my “fun formula” my “how to manifest anything formula” and “life according to Katie” lol.

They say the way you do anything is they way you do everything, So, this is that for me.

Ready for my secret sauce (patent pending)?

BOOM. Mic drop.

Here’s how I apply this to getting and maintaining my- what my girl, Dana Gatziolis , refers to as your- “glow”:

I only (ok 80/20) eat foods that nourish me and help me look and stay healthy and vibrant. I cut out the junk and go for more greens and H2o. And, I make my indulgence so much more worth while…think luxury and decadence and heaven on a fork….ONLY.I make time for me instead of being slave to a schedule that doesn’t allow me to live the life I want to live or care for myself in the way that I need to – me time is NON- NEGOTIABLE. period. I can’t be the Mom/wife/entrepreneur/teacher/healer that I am if I haven’t taken care of me first. You can’t give what you don’t have.  I sleep as needed, I play as needed, I do what I got to do to feel good.I only engage in relationships that are of mutual benefit. I cut out (or forgive and heal when possible) all toxic relationships. No more “negative Nancys” and “dream crushing Donnas.” Instead I focus my time and attention on building relationships with people who build me up and support me and love me as much as I do them.

And really that’s they key to all of it, finding your purpose, finding your glow, and living a life you love.

Apply it to EVERYTHING and see if you don’t find your glow. I dare you!

Just ask yourself “Does this feel good or nah?” If not, stop what your doing and heal it, forgive it, or move on, or al of the above, and if yes keep it up!

You got this!

Way to GLOW!

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What do you do to stay glowing? Let me know in the comments!