How to Use Epilator without Pain?

Everyone knows that epilators hurt! There are many devices that can pluck the hair roots off like tweezers, but in reality, it hurts! How to use epilator without pain?

How to Use Epilator without Pain?

So why is there this article? Does it help you?

The content of this article will be to share pain removal tips while using an epilator. I hope that you will not have to go the pain again when plucking hair. I promise that you will find useful information in this long article of mine.


If you still want to rebuff on the epilator, then feel free! Because to have smooth skin, you have to pay a certain price! For many people, they find that the pain they suffer is greater than the result they get from that pain, so there’s nothing wrong with returning to the painless hair removal method.

If you are still not sure what to do, read each of the following steps, which will help you make a decision on whether you should use an epilator or not.

Quick tips for pain relief when using an epilator

Nothing to deceive each other!

Epilation is very painful, I know it, because I also pluck the hair, ever since I switched from shaving to epilation. The transition from hair removal by shaving without pain to hair removal by plucking is extremely difficult!

This is completely different from waxing. I’ll dive into the details for each tip below, let’s take a look at each step first:

How to Use Epilator without Pain?

My first time like this!

The pain of each hair removal is really terrible for women, especially for those who are doing shaving just like me.

I’ve been through that awful thing and even for years, but I’m still horrible when I first think about plucking my hair. If it weren’t for the TV show that caught my attention, I’d have given up the first time I plucked my hair. But thanks, I didn’t!

So how can I overcome it?

What could have made me overcome the pain of that first time, besides being dominated by watching the fascinating show on TV. The thought of having a smooth that lasts at least two weeks has encouraged me to pluck the hair, and with this, I was able to overcome the pain of the first time.

So I suggest you should go to a beauty salon to get a wax once, but only once. Then let the hair grow for another two weeks, then use the epilator to pluck out these hairs. At this time, the hairs will not be as harder as before, so you will be less sore. You can pull it back after a week and a half later.

I recommend plucking your hair every two weeks or even once a month. Note that if you leave it after one month, it will definitely grow more, so it will definitely hurt!

Tips for reducing pain when plucking

One thing that I have to say is that I do not recommend using a cooling glove before plucking to numb the area. If you do this, the pores will get tighten, and many hair will break from the surface rather than at the root.

You can use a cooling glove after plucking. And don’t forget to use a moisturizer after every hair removal session.

Tip 1: Take a shower through before plucking

Bathe your pores so they can open before you pluck, but avoid this in case you have an epilator that can’t be used in water. If you have an epilator that can be used in water, you can take a shower before plucking. It makes hair removal convenient.

Many people often worry that it will cost you water, but to be honest, only very little water will get used when you remove unwanted hair. Using an epilator in the shower will not take so much water that your water bill will skyrocket. If I am wrong, please leave a comment below, I would be happy to hear and check again.

Tip 2: Rub the skin

Rubbing the skin is the step right before plucking. If you rub the skin properly, the cells will peel off, helping to minimize ingrown hairs. You should continue to rub your skin daily if you want to avoid any ingrown hair. You can also use an exfoliating glove or a brush or simply put kosher salt into a shower gel, which will work as a brush. If you want to find a good glove, try Earth Therapeutics Hydro Exfoliating Gloves.

The rubbing step has a second role:

It makes the skin less slippery, as the oil will smooth the hair, resulting in less hair being left out.

Tip 3: Stretch the skin when pulling

Now, when you are ready to pluck, keep your skin tight, this will help ease the pain! Hold one epilator in one hand and keep your skin tight. For the underarms, simply put the arm back behind the head and stretch as much as possible.

Tip 4: Try using a quality epilator

The best solution for you if your pain threshold is too low is to use the Wet & Dry epilator. That means you will use the underwater epilator. The pores will open, the hair will easily be rooted out!

For some women, the downside is that their hair is so soft that it breaks at the surface instead of being rooted out.

Try to work through the pain first, and then, at some point, you’ll get used to hair removal, and it won’t be a problem.

Another tip for alleviating pain when plucking is to choose an epilator with a large number of tweezers.

Why so? Yes, because many tweezers reduce the number of times the epilator passes through the skin, this will also reduce the risk of skin irritation. With fewer skin passes, the time it takes for your hair to pluck gets reduced. That’s why I recommend that you should buy an epilator with a higher number of tweezers, but of course in your budget! At the moment, the number of tweezers in the epilator is 72 tweezers.

There will come a time when the pain will be like a slight pinch!

There is no method for plucking that will not hurt you! Only at some point, when you get used to the “sore,” your skin adapts to the plucking, and the hair will then be thinner, and you won’t feel pain anymore.

The last one

If you can’t afford an expensive epilator with built-in massage support and specialized heads for each skin area, then buy a machine with an effective cap.  It will help create a sense of comfort and a little less pain!

Do not be afraid of the epilator!

It is not a scary device; it is not designed to hurt women! Its purpose is to give you smooth, clean skin for at least two weeks, and this is what you need to remember during the epilation process!

Does Gray Hair Need a Special Shampoo?

Hair is the main part of each and every person’s body, and to keep them safe; you need to use the best products. Every type of hair has its unique features and volume. There are different types of hair quality present in this world. When someone gets their hair converts naturally into gray color, then there is no need to use a special shampoo. But if someone especially makes their hair convert into gray, then they need to use special shampoo or products for them.

There are so many shampoos available in the market, and the best purple shampoo for gray hair is of various qualities. People should take care of their hoar from getting rough, damage, and any other damages, which can lead to a huge problem for you and your hair. Shampoos of the purple brand are the best to use for various colored hair to maintain their volume, strength, and softness.

Does Gray Hair Need a Special Shampoo?

Gray hair needs special shampoo only when they are converted on special demand. Gray hair is in a huge trend to look more attractive and different from others. It would be best if you always used those shampoos that are chemical-free and safe for your gray hair.

Reasons for Gray Hair

Normal Aging

  • The biggest reason for the conversion of your normal hair into gray is the aging problem, but it’s natural.
  • At the age of 45 to 50, your hair starts turning gray and makes you look old.
  • The main reason for turning your hair gray faster is the stress level and the tension that a person takes for any reason or without any reason.
  • Hair changes its texture when it doesn’t get proper care and shampoo to have a safe wash without any damage.
  • Aging makes your hair start falling and turns into gray or sometimes white; it depends upon different people.

Does Gray Hair Need a Special Shampoo?


  • Stress is one of the most important reasons to consider the changing color of your hair.
  • The person who keeps on taking tensions or stress they start losing their hair and start turning their hair into gray.
  • Stress never drags you to your gray hair directly; it works slowly over it and starts your hair to get a turn.
  • Stress leads to various problems and diseases, mostly related to skin problems and hair problems.
  • During an illness, you definitely lose your hair, turns them into gray, which is not good for you and your life.

Your Hair Basically Bleaches Itself

  • When people tend to bleach their hair and want to convert them into any color, then the people who are getting old they don’t need to do so. Older people get their hair gets bleach naturally by the time.
  • The people who drink less water and don’t take proper care of their hair they definitely get their hair turns to gray.
  • Getting your hair converting into gray, you should use purple shampoo for gray hair for keeping your hair naturally gray instead of using chemicals.

The shampoo you should consider for gray hair

Does Gray Hair Need a Special Shampoo?

Naissant Purple Shampoo Perla Beige

  • This shampoo is so highly rated, which is best for gray hair safety and many other uses.
  • It helps to make a great texture and shine to your hair, which helps to give effective and efficient benefits.
  • The smell of this shampoo is so delicious and very nice as it helps to make your gray hair more smooth and soft.
  • This brand of purple is very nice and attracts more people who use this shampoo for their gray hair.

Clairol Shimmer Lights Shampoo Plus Conditioner Duo

    • This shampoo is best purple shampoo for gray hair to cools down the split ends and makes the hair shinier and smoother.
    • It is very affordable, and anyone can buy this for keeping their gray hair safely and without getting any damage from other chemical-related shampoos.
    • This shampoo is along with the conditioner, which helps to make the hair dry-free and gives more nourishment to it.
  • At last, it helps you to make your hair soft and leaves them smoother and shinier.

Winsome and Wisdom Blonde Moment Purple Shampoo

  • It helps to make your hair brighten and lighten as well as keeps your hair healthy and shiny.
  • This shampoo helps to reduce all the split ends from the hair and makes them softer and smoother.
  • It is very helpful and best to give a proper texture and gray tint to your hair and makes them remain safe from all the chemicals.
  • This shampoo is very beneficial in keeping the thickness of the hair and also the strength of the hair.
  • This shampoo can be a bit dry, but to balance it, you need to use the conditioner along with it so that hair gets proper nourishment.

Tec Italy Lumina Purple Shampoo

  • It helps to reduce the yellow tones of the gray hair and gives them a bright shine and texture, which helps to keep them safe.
  • It is an extra thick formula for the gray hair to give them a proper strength and volume with appropriate advantages.
  • Gray hair is the main problem for older people, but when young people turn their hair into gray, and then they need to take care of them by using such shampoos.
  • For looking attractive and attention seeker, the color of your hair plays a significant role as it helps you to look different as compared to your healthy hair.
  • It helps to reduce all the split ends and damaged hair from your scalp and makes a good texture of your gray hair.

Final Verdict

According to the points mentioned above, you can understand the various reasons due to which your hair turns gray and the tips on how to keep them soft and smooth. Hair is the best and the main part of one’s life to look more attractive and more beautiful.

Is It Ok to Lay Out in the Sun While Pregnant?

Pregnancy is the important period for every woman and they need to be more concerned on doing each and every activity. During pregnancy many people use to advice constantly that may add stress and makes to be very conscious. At that time you may feel to relax by taking sunbath but a doubt will arise in your mind as during pregnancy can get the exposure of sun or not. Actually, pregnancy and sunlight were interlinked whereas the known fact is that sunlight is good for health as it is a good source of Vitamin D and can obtain the required amount from it and sun exposure is essential when pregnant.

Getting sunlight is highly useful during pregnancy as it support well for the bone creation of the fetus also it ensure that you can get strong immunity for you and baby as well. Staying under sun in the time of pregnancy is needed yet it has to be in a limited time. While pregnant there is increase in hormone levels also skin will be more sensitive so should avoid longer exposure to stay safe and avoid the risks.

Is It Ok to Lay Out in the Sun While Pregnant?

Stay safe under sun during pregnancy by using Sunscreen

Being a pregnant woman, you want to stay safe in the exposure of sun as not to be affected by the harmful UV rays then it is best make use of the sunscreen. The sunscreen will helps to get rid of sunburns and also it protects from other skin damages as well. It is necessary to make use of best pregnancy sunscreen while pregnant to be on safer side. There are two types of sunscreen are physical blockers and chemical blockers.

Physical blockers were made with the mixture of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide as they both work together and provide great support for the harmful UV rays to reflect back so they are safe to use. Whereas chemical blockers were not suitable to use in the time of pregnancy because it consists of the ingredients which can absorb UV rays. Commonly, in the chemical blockers the ingredient oxybenzone were used and this chemical can perforate through the skin and can cause hormonal disturbances, allergies and may leads to low birth weight. Due to these adverse effects of chemical blockers they were not recommended to use while pregnant.

Sit in the sun safer when pregnant with required precautions

You can relax well by taking sunbath but when you are pregnant have to be cautious while doing this as there are several precautions need to be taken for your and baby’s safety. When going to take sunbath during pregnancy prefer to wear the clothes and accessories which are comfortable. It is better to wear light color clothes and those are free to wear will be beneficial. It is good to wear the colors such as yellow, sky blue and white as they have reflective nature. Be benefited through using pair of sunglasses and take umbrella will be best. It is necessary to keep the body hydrated when pregnant so carry the required liquids while staying under the sun.

Should not stay more than twenty minutes in sun exposure without sunscreen and by applying sunscreen can be there a little while but not too long. The best time to get the sun exposure is at noon and the studies have made on this were shown that during this time can get more Vitamin D and the risk of getting malignant melanoma will be very less. Stay out of harmful UV rays emitted from the sun by using sunscreen through minimizing the sun subjections so that your pregnancy won’t be affected. It is better to consult with the doctor regarding this and they will provide some suggestions which will be highly helpful.

Tips for choosing the sunscreen to utilize during pregnancy

It is necessary to take extra precautions when pregnant and especially while under the sun exposure whereas it doesn’t mean that should not go outdoors. Have to get the sunlight during pregnancy but it is good to go by applying the sunscreen which is best to use on pregnancy. You may not know how to choose the sunscreen to make use of while pregnant but it made easier by considering several things. Prefer the broad-spectrum sunscreens as they help to protect from both UVA and UVB rays.

The sunscreens which are not marked as broad-spectrum only offers protection form one spectrum of UV light. Then while choosing the sunscreen check the list of ingredients and if you found it contains the ingredient oxybenzone means avoid that product. Select the sunscreen that have minimum of SPF 30 as they provide best protection from the sun. The sunscreen with higher numbers of SPF can offer more protection. It is good to pick physical or mineral sunscreens as they create the barrier among your skin and the sun which will helpful to reflect the sun rays and won’t absorb them into skin. These sunscreens were hypoallergenic and they are good for pregnant women with sensitive skin.

Best sunscreen for pregnant women to use

ThinkBaby Safe Sunscreen

It is great to use while pregnant as it is a best mineral sunscreen which protects you as it creates a physical barrier between your skin and sun. Also it doesn’t have any harmful chemicals and it is assured as this product has high rating by EWG. It is safe to use on sensitive skin and they offer broad-spectrum UV protection also contains maximum SPF and water resistance too.

Sun Bum Continuous Spray Sunscreen

It is easy to apply and it was effective on preventing sunburns. Besides, It provides broad-spectrum protection at the level of SPF 50 and they won’t cause any allergies. It is made from vegan ingredient and no presence of harmful chemicals so they are safe to use. It is water-resistant also it contains Vitamin E which will be helpful in moisturizing the skin.

SuperGoop! Skin Soothing Mineral Sunscreen

It provides broad-spectrum protection at SPF 40 to prevent from harmful UV rays, it helps to down the inflammation and redness as at the time of pregnancy it will be increased. It is known as best pregnancy sunscreen for sensitive skin as they are hypoallergenic. Also it is highly supportive to combat against premature aging.

What to Do After Exfoliating Face?

Having clean and clear skin is a dream of every man and woman. The first step of any beauty care or skincare is to pull out the dust and impurities from the face, and the actual process is called exfoliating skin.

But the question is what to do after exfoliation? So here we are providing you a guide about what to do next after exfoliation.

Benefits of exfoliating

Benefits of exfoliating

Before we dive into what to do next after the exfoliation, let us what the benefits of the exfoliation process are.

Unclogs the open pores

The process of exfoliation helps you to take out the impurities or the matter which can be harmful to our skin. It is an essential step towards clean and clear skin. The process of clear skin can only be taken out if you can have the skin, which is free of all the impurities. So it is also one of the leading benefits of exfoliation, which helps you to take out the impure substances out from your skin such excessive oil, dirt, pollution, and much other micro material which cannot be removed by bare water.

Prevents your skin from acne

The leading cause of getting acne or having acne-prone skin is having a skin full of impurities. The excessive oil and dirt makes our skin impure and hence results in getting acne. The acne is more prone to come when we have impure skin. By face exfoliator for combination skin we can prevent our skin from getting acne as the process of exfoliation makes it clear.

Help in setting our skincare products

If we have a clear skin, then we set skincare products set deeper and help to repair our skin and get glowing and bright skin.

Is it okay to exfoliate every day?

Exfoliation is an essential step surely for our healthy skin, but exfoliating every day our skin is it okay? Will exfoliating every day help your skin to get glowing and clear shine? These are the most common question which you might have been asked for the exfoliation process, so the answer to this question is that you cannot set a specific limit to your skincare. Everyone in this world has a different skin type and lives in different conditions; it entirely based upon your skin type and climatic changes whether you need to exfoliate every day or once in a while.

The exfoliation for different skin type can be understood like this

  • Oily skin: if you have oily skin, then you might need to exfoliate your skin thrice in a week or maybe every day. The oily skin needs to be cleared very often due to the production of greasy natural oil. It is advised to prefer the best face exfoliator for combination skin to get better results for your skin type and to have a glowing complexion.
  • Sensitive skin: those you have sensitive skin type should not use the exfoliation very often as their skin is sensitive, so using more exfoliators over your skin will lead to causing redness.
  • Dry skin: People with dry skin should not go for a natural exfoliation process as this might cause them to get breakouts in their skin.
  • Normal skin: people with normal skin can exfoliate whenever they feel like. So if you have normal skin, then you can go for exfoliation whenever your skin needs to be.

What do you exfoliate with?

With the details as mentioned above, you might have understood why it is essential to exfoliate your skin with exfoliator for combination skin for healthy skin. Also, we have provided you details about how often you should exfoliate your skin. It is additionally to know which kind of exfoliations you are using for your skin.

There are mainly three different types of exfoliation types that you use

  1. Physical: it is the traditional method to exfoliation type, which is used to exfoliate the skin. It helps pull out all the dirt and oil from the skin. It can also remove the dead skin cells with face exfoliator with healthy skin. Best suited for the oily skin as it will pull out the excessive oil and impurities from the skin.
  2. Chemical: these are the chemical exfoliates which can remove the dead skin cells from your face quickly. The main ingredients of the chemical exfoliation process are alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs), beta-hydroxy acids (BHA), and poly-hydroxy acids (PHAs) with the help of these you can easily remove the dust from the skin. It is most suited for those people who have dry skin. It will avoid them to have frequent breakouts in the skin and provide them a clean and clear skin certainly with the help of a good exfoliator.
  3. Enzymatic: people with sensitive skin can go for that enzymatic skin type, which can help them to avoid redness and itchiness caused due to chemicals. It is prepared with fruits and other natural extracts, so it is undoubtedly helpful for you to have excellent and glowing skin.

What next after exfoliation?


What to Do After Exfoliating Face?

After you are done completing the exfoliation step, then you should go for the moisturizing step. Once you exfoliate, then you should use the moisturizer to have to give your skin a healthy and glowing shine. It will help you to prevent problems like acne, breakouts, and many others.

Moisturizing skin is the go-to step for you to avoid any further skin problems and to have a healthy and clean and clear skin.


In this article, we have mentioned different aspects regarding skincare step exfoliation about how it should be done, which type of exfoliation is right your skin type, and what should be the last step after exfoliation so? If you are struggling with bad skin, then with this information best face exfoliator and with the use of you can easily have a better glowing and healthy skin.

Know the Right Facial for Skin Type

Getting a facial is really good. But, you need to know the skin type you have to get the most out of it. Procedures you take in to clean your body should be notified of your skin type too. The face is very sensitive to the touch. Any beauty product can set it off in the wrong way if it is not designed to fit it. All the beauty products you buy for face and body should fit your skin type for now on.

If you don’t know your skin type, I suggest you ask your parents or big siblings. This is something they might know about. Other ways to found out would be to different skin type products and see what works on skin the best. It will take you longer to discover your skin type this way but the performance of future skincare will be increased by a ton. There is more you need to know about facials and skin types. Read about it below.

best facial kit for dry skin

Facial Procedure General Starts

There are usually 4 steps involved when you go to skincare office that offers facials. The first step is to go through a cleansing. Face is stripped of all its make up and dirt at this stage. Never get a facial when you want to go out the same day.

Next, the skincare professional scrubs your face with a nice sponge or soft object to smoothen your skin further. You will enjoy this greatly and want to take a little nap. Face will get a massage like it never had before.

Third step, you get a massage. Getting a body massage or facial massage depends on the skincare office you went to. If you want a body massage with facial, I suggest you ask if it comes with facial plan to avoid unexpected fees.

4th and last step, a facial clean mask is added to your face that is left on for 10 to 30 minutes. The mask extracts all bad bacteria, acne, infestations, dirt, dry skin, and adds balance water level to face.

People With Dry Skin Should Take in Dry Facial Procedures

Make sure you go into that skincare office and ask for a dry procedure if you got dry skin. Make sure they are using the best facial kit for dry skin and not something else. The last thing you need is a trip to the hospital or a bad burning face. If your not sure if you have dry skin, run some dry skin tests to found out. Look online for more information on how to do so. Dry skin facials need to be used with mild cleansers. Do not let the skincare technician use extreme cleansers on face.

The extreme clean can make your face dryer and cause you to have more cracks. Doesn’t make sense but its true. You should only need medium cleaning effects. Tell your skincare technician to scrub lightly too. Too much hard scrubbing can make your face very badly reactive. Hydrating gels, intense moisturizing creams and serums should be used with dry skin facials as well. Do not let them use skincare products not specifically created for dry skin people. Make sure to tell this before you start letting them work their magic on your dry skin face. In conclusion, only let the best facial kit for dry skin touch your face for facial procedure if you got dry skin.

Facial facial for Pigmented Skin Should Be Different

If you have pigmented skin, you should walk into the skincare office with a completely different set up from dry skin people. Dry skin procedure is only for dry skin people. Pigmented people need to tell the skincare technician to use creams, ointments, cleansers, and shampoos designed for pigmented skin people. These items have minerals and vitamins the pigmented skin people can absorb into their skin to make their skin look smooth, healthy, glow, hydrated, acne free, and feel stronger the next day. Products have currently available for pigmented skin people to use. Do not let the technician tell you there are none available. Call the technician in advance and make sure they got it.

It’s Very Important to Read While Pregnant

It can be tough to read with all the obligations on your plate. You got to deal with your job calling you each day and wanting to know when your coming in. The husband or boyfriend wants to get a little freaky and you just got to tell him no. The family wants you to call them every day and forget the fact you need to rest and relax your mind.

Things seems to be falling apart at the house. All these things are happening at the same time and worry how your going to take care of him or her. Well, let’s focus on reading to the kid first. Reading teaches the kid to learn the language you speak at a faster ate and takes your mind off of things you don’t need to think about. These things seem unimportant but they are very important in the long run. See why below.

Reading to Your Baby While Pregnant Helps You Deal With Stress

Reading is a stress releasing experience. Many studies have reported that reading while pregnant makes a baby’ heart pump less. You and your baby will be more relaxed. Synchronized as one and focused on something to keep your minds from wondering off into the dark playground. The mind tends to wonder off in the dark if it is not focused on something productive. Go find the best books for pregnancy that you can find and read. The little one and you will be relaxed. It takes about 10 minutes for it to kick in. But, when it kicks into you and you feel it, that is when you realize that you should stop worrying about stupid stuff.

Your Unborn Gets Smarter When They Are later Born

Reading transfers knowledge into the baby’s brain stem. The baby will absorb the information that you gain from the reading process. The baby will bring in all knowledge gained from you reading the book. For example, if you read a book about chemistry, the baby will be better at doing chemistry unconsciously. The baby will be better equipped to handle situations involving chemistry. They will feel the knowledge flow through them and become something more. A mother who wants their child to be smart should read books about high grade science.

It Helps You Read Stories to Your Child

Reading stories to your child can help you with your story telling. Start with the best books for pregnancy and then get into more detailed stories. Overtime, you will learn to tell stories to your kid. Then, they grow up and you can tell them the best stories you can think of. Let’s face it, you suck at telling your kids a good bedtime story. Practice story writing for 9 months and you become the pro. Imagine what you could do if you knew how to tell your kids a good bed time story. The kid would always ask for more stories.

Apply Cologne in a Way That Makes You Look Professional

Looking professional, means everything to a man in this world. Men, are expected to look like they work somewhere or trying to work somewhere. Men, are expected to dedicate their life to their work. A man looking professional is a matter of life and death. Putting on a cologne is a way to tell people that you are a professional who has a set of skills that can be used in the world. Show people what your capable of each day by putting on one little spray of cologne. Here are moments when you need to wear it.

Wear Cologne At the Right Place

The best perfumes for men must be worn at the right place. Its not just about smelling good. Its also about not bumping shoulder with people you shouldn’t bump with. Wear perfume in places like club, dates, office, work, and days that require it. You don’t need to wear it everywhere. Wearing it at the gym would seem kind of funny wouldn’t it. Your there to work out not make a point. Anywhere where you want to make a point or impression, you should wear cologne. Put on a little bit. Not too much unless there is a girl your dating and she’s there.

Why is this important? People will start to ask why you wear cologne at the grocery store. People will ask why you are wearing Cologne at the chess club. There is a time and place to make people think you’re a professional. Do it in places like that and you won’t have to deal with people’s annoying questions.

Wear Cologne Because it Makes You Confident

If you want to have confidence instead of looking professional, you should wear a little cologne. It doesn’t matter if you wear the best perfumes for men or the cheapest thing at the store. Confidence is what you want then you should wear it for confidence. Don’t worry about those opinions and keep moving forward. Wear it to make you happy and to make you feel more important.

Feeling important or confident is a good reason to wear perfume. You need confidence to get through life’s tough problems. You need it you know. Life has sop many problems and they just keep coming. Do what you got to for building confidence. Build your confidence up strong to get through any obstacle. No matter what obstacle you got to deal with tomorrow, doing things to increase your confidence will make you better in life. You will get stronger and be able to do more work tasks.

Don’t Forget to Put Cologne On the Neck

Most people forget the perfume on neck rule. Its a rule you must take even if you use the best perfumes for men. Men should spray a little on the neck. Women will notice the smell once they go in for a hug. She will get in that full fragrance force and think you are good in bed. It works sometimes. Spray that neck one time. Do not overdo it. People will get annoyed if yo spray too much on your neck. Every one who talks to you will get annoyed because you are in their face with too much smell. I think you know what I mean by smell.

How I Got My GLOW + How to Find YOURS

I have simple formula for finding your glow, it’s also how I found mine.

Actually, if you’ve been with me for very long you know this has also been referred to as my “fun formula” my “how to manifest anything formula” and “life according to Katie” lol.

They say the way you do anything is they way you do everything, So, this is that for me.

Ready for my secret sauce (patent pending)?

BOOM. Mic drop.

Here’s how I apply this to getting and maintaining my- what my girl, Dana Gatziolis , refers to as your- “glow”:

I only (ok 80/20) eat foods that nourish me and help me look and stay healthy and vibrant. I cut out the junk and go for more greens and H2o. And, I make my indulgence so much more worth while…think luxury and decadence and heaven on a fork….ONLY.I make time for me instead of being slave to a schedule that doesn’t allow me to live the life I want to live or care for myself in the way that I need to – me time is NON- NEGOTIABLE. period. I can’t be the Mom/wife/entrepreneur/teacher/healer that I am if I haven’t taken care of me first. You can’t give what you don’t have.  I sleep as needed, I play as needed, I do what I got to do to feel good.I only engage in relationships that are of mutual benefit. I cut out (or forgive and heal when possible) all toxic relationships. No more “negative Nancys” and “dream crushing Donnas.” Instead I focus my time and attention on building relationships with people who build me up and support me and love me as much as I do them.

And really that’s they key to all of it, finding your purpose, finding your glow, and living a life you love.

Apply it to EVERYTHING and see if you don’t find your glow. I dare you!

Just ask yourself “Does this feel good or nah?” If not, stop what your doing and heal it, forgive it, or move on, or al of the above, and if yes keep it up!

You got this!

Way to GLOW!

Want more tips on finding your glow from amazing glow-getters like yourself? I’m first in the line up of 20 amazing women all sharing tips on finding and keeping your glow!Check out the other amazing bloggers on this “GLOW SCHOOL BLOG TOUR”

Up next is Jessica Zweig , entrepreneurial babe & biz coach. Follow Jessica’s blog to get her glow tips!

And, You’ll definitely want to check out my girl, Dana’s (creator of Glow School) 10 Day Glowing Adventure starting Feb 1st!

What do you do to stay glowing? Let me know in the comments!

The Best is Yet to Come

Hey Soul Squad!

What a wild ride 2015 was!

We laughed, we cried, we dreamed, we lived.

It’s been such an honor and blessing to have you in my soul squad. Connecting with you on Facebook and Periscope has been such a dream come true! The power of social media is amazing. And, to see so many lightworkers using it in such a powerful way is truly amazing. Thank you for sharing your light!

I love to honor the changing of years by looking back at what we are leaving behind, our successes, our dreams-come-true, our connections.

In 2015 I made almost 30 vlogs for you, recorded several guided meditations, and gave countless tips, tools, and practices for Fearing less and living more.

You gave me joy, laughter, love and everything I could ever hope for.

In 2015 I opened my Life Coaching practice and helped over 30 clients.

I launched my first ever e-course “How to Manifest Anything” and 11 of you joined me to create the life of your dreams with grace and ease.

Our tribe grew by the 100s and then 1000s as you all began to deeply love and support one another all across our #fearlesslivemore social media community.ts
Here are some of YOUR FAVORITE moments and posts from last year:
Your Favorite Blog: 5 Minute Meditation Space between Thoughts

And, the best is yet to come!

In 2016 you can expect to see more, and bigger, and better versions of everything 2015 offered. PLUS I’ll be adding some amazing new ways to help you live your best life.

The most noticeable change you’ll see is a slight change in direction. Instead of focusing on “Fear Less, Live More” as I’ve been doing I’ll be focusing more on living “in the light”.

Mother Theresa said that she would not protest against war but would rally for peace. She knew that celebrating what you wanted rather than fighting against what you didn’t was a more effective way to bring about your greatest desires. And, so I too will be shifting the wording, images, and focus slightly so that there is less emphasis on ditching the fear and more emphasis on leaning into the light. So, mostly the same, but a slight shift in perception that will make ALL the difference.

Try it in your own life and see what happens!

Here’s what that means for you:

Weekly VLOGS with my best tips, tools, and practices for Living Life In The Light. With all of the hottest topics in wellness and spirituality like tapping into your intuition, receiving Divine Guidance, meditations, affirmations, and more!

One-on-One coaching programs will continue and group coaching programs will be added.

And I’ll be holding 3 more e-courses this year! Starting with “Calling in Love (working name) in February! stay tuned for details. (email me now to get on the wait list)

And, I may or may not start a podcast on iTunes. If I did would you tune in?

Here’s how you can connect and join me on this journey into the light.

1) Make sure you are subscribed to my newsletter and share it with a friend.
2) Join our #soulsquad in our private Facebook group and share your light there
3) Download the Periscope App and tune in for our LIVE #lifeinthelight shows (semi-daily-ish)
4) Chose your favorite social media – use #lifeinthelight to connect with our #soulsquad and follow me @iamkatiecmpbll mine is Facebook

Just making these important connections can change YOUR LIFE AND THE WORLD!

I can hardly wait to get started this year with our first vlog, so look for it in the coming couple weeks! Meanwhile, you can catch me live on

One more thing before I go

I’m super excited to announce that I have openings in my One-on-One Life Coaching Program AAAAANNND It’s NOW a FOUR MONTH PROGRAM
the update to my website will reflect this change in the next couple days but don’t wait because doors to this program will close on Jan 31st BUT

If you sign up before Jan 31st you’ll not only receive for months of one-on-one coaching to help you live in the light aka be the best you possible and make your dreams come true, you’ll also receive access to not just one but TWO of my e-courses. How to Manifest Anything AND my upcoming course “Calling in Love” valued at over $500

To celebrate the grand opening of my 2016 4 month coaching program I’ll be sending you daily tips right there in this newsletter for living in the light – for the next 20 days

If you want to reserve your spot in my one on one program email me to schedule your FREE clarity call to learn more and find our if the program is right for you

That’s all for today! But, I’ll be back tomorrow with your first tip for living life in the light

Talk to you soon!


It’s Not a Block, Just a Change in Direction.

Hey crew,

I’ve been “trying” to make a new vlog for you guys for like… ever.

Ok, so for about a month. A MONTH! That’s way too long to feel off balance, off purpose, interrupted , and confused. But I did.

I’ve been wanting to make the most epic, soul stirring, vlog ever but I can’t! Something always shows up to stop me, either I just “don’t feel like it’ , I’m too tired, the kids need me, the lighting isn’t perfect , or some other crap excuses come up. So, I started to blame myself and feel bad and ultimately decided, no more excuses, it’s time to get busy.

And then, when I finally knuckled down to get to work, something else happened.

God threw up a road block! The Universe said, “not this way”.

This particular road block was one of many and today came in the form of me getting full on hair and makeup done and sneaking quietly away to vlog/Periscope with you during Alex’s naptime. But, as soon as I switched on the camera, I heard a tiny little baby fist knocking on my door. He woke up! Which means, it’s like 98% possible that absolutely  nothing will get done now #momlife lol!

On top of that, The screen on my phone is shattered so I can barely use it, and even when I tried to record video or Periscope with you anyways, no one can hear me! For some reason the sound won’t work on video features. So, naturally I grab another device to jump on the livestream and what happens, it won’t load. And, trust me, I tried several times over the course of a couple weeks to get this to work one way or another but every single time, something happens as if to say, “this isn’t what you’re supposed to be doing right now.”

So of course, I started to feel this desperateness to reach out to you. To share with you everything that I’ve been doing, to help you in any way that I can. How can I help you if I can’t even talk to you?

Then, I realized, I can! I could write to you.

Honestly, I’ve never even considered writing out my blog posts. I just like to be on video and have that instant interaction on live stream and social media.

But, it’s as if the Universe is saying, at least for now, that this is what I’m supposed to be doing.

I have a daily prayer that is some form of “How can I be of service today? Who needs me? What can I help with? What do you need me to do today, God.” And, for the last few weeks the answer has been “not this”. Which, as you can imagine, is confusing as heck!

Confusing because, I have some new amazing, completely Divinely inspired things to share with you that I am beyond excited about, and I’m getting all of these blocks that are keeping me from getting it out to you…except this…except writing.

Message received! Thank you, God and my angels for not giving up on me and continuing to send Divine guidance that I can easily understand (finally lol!)

Takeaway : It’ not a block, just a change in direction!


So, you’ll be seeing me sharing and teaching more frequently via written bog. I have somethings that I can not wait to share with you! But, I will for now, at least until I get some feedback from you about how I can best serve. So I have a quick question for you, and I’m praying that you’ll leave an honest answer in the comments for me! Here goes…

What is your main focus for this year, if you were to choose just one?

A) finding your life purpose and living it

B) releasing the fears that hold you back from living your dream

C) developing and trusting your intuition

D) practicing better self care / self love

E) learning how to manifest your dreams

And, how would you prefer to receive my help in your chosen area?

  1. one on one coaching
  2. self study e-courses
  3. group coaching/study program
  4. pdf e guide
  5. ebook (full length 12ish chapters)

Your answers help me to know how I should focus my energy to be of the best and highest good for your personal and spiritual growth. I want to do everything, all day every day, to help you, but ultimately there is still only one of me, so I do need to narrow it down to what do YOU most WANT and NEED.

So , I sincerely, deeply, appreciate your honest answers! Type them in the comments below! (example B,3 or A,5) and feel free to add anything you need/want/love/want more of that I haven’t listed here! I am here to serve! <3

And, remember, I’m always here for you! Feel free to reach out to me with anything you need <3 The best place to do this right now anyways is in my Facebook group, which is free to join and full of amazing lightworkers, like yourself! See you there!